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Teen Challenge

Adults and youth who participate in Teen Challenge are given an opportunity to confront their destructive choices, their self-sabotaging behavior, and their unhealthy views with the love of God and the guidance of Biblical principles.

One of the major differences between recovery programs and Teen Challenge is our emphasis on Christian values and cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is this central spiritual dynamic upon which all aspects of the Teen Challenge program are built.

The benefits of Teen Challenge’s long-term residential recovery program are many, beginning with how we identify those who participate. We refer to them as students, because they learning a new way of living. Teen Challenge students enjoy these benefits:

  • They are able to separate themselves from the environment and relationships that have contributed to their life-controlling problems.
  • They come to a controlled environment which helps them to avoid the substances and behaviors that have contributed to their self-destruction.
  • They enter into a loving and supportive Christian community.
  • They are mentored by others who have walked the same path to freedom and understand the process they are going through as they grow.
  • They are positioned to confront the destructive thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that led to their life-controlling problems.
  • Chapel services, Christian growth classes, church attendance, and Christian mentoring facilitate their spiritual journey to discover God’s truth for themselves.
  • They are given the opportunity to cultivate the life practice of personal prayer and daily devotions.

They participate in work programs designed to teach a positive work ethic, responsibility, and taking pride in a job-well-done, regardless of the tasks they are assigned to complete. This generates funds for Teen Challenge, and students are given the opportunity to contribute to their own recovery through their work, which gives them a sense of productivity and dignity.

Look What the Lord Has Done!!!

Email is info@albanytc.org and Website is @ www.albanytc.org

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