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Prayer Rally with Franklin Graham and the Decision America Tour came to our State Capital on August 25th.

New Life Assembly of God, along with thousands of others, joined Franklin Graham, son of Evangelist Billy Graham, for a Prayer Rally at the New York State Capitol, telling a crowd that “God loves you. He loves you. But we have a problem, and that problem is called sin.”

He shared the Gospel and we prayed for salvation for all attending that did not know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We held hands and prayed together for the politics of this country, for our leaders in the State of New York and our country.  We also prayed for our police officers. 

“I think everyone senses that our country is in trouble, and I’m asking Christians to pray. I believe in prayer, I believe in God. I believe God can change the direction our country is taking. I think most people believe it’s going the wrong way but they don’t know how to turn it . . .” said Graham.

Franklin believes that New York needs more Christian lawmakers and more Christian guided policy.  "It's not about being intolerant. It's about holding up God's standards. It's about holding up his standards and living those standards. Every one of you here today, you could probably run for something and get elected," said Graham to the crowd.

That's the theme of his 50 state capital Decision America tour. Graham hasn't endorsed anyone in the presidential election, but he stresses the importance of mobilizing Christian voters to do the research and cast their vote.

“Decide for yourself which candidates align best with sympathy for Christian causes, for what Christians stand for, and which one would appoint judges that would be sympathetic to Christians,” he said. “Christians are being attacked in this county by various groups. We’re losing our religious freedoms. As Americans, we have a right to vote and be a part of the political process.”

“And I’ve had people say, ‘Franklin, are you running for office yourself?’ I am running a campaign and it’s a campaign to put God back in the politics of this country,” said Graham.

"Secularism and communism are basically the same thing. They're both godless," said Graham. He says the country is in desperate need of religious guidance. “Any type of sin that is legislated as lawful is wrong,” said Graham.

Graham's team estimates there were 2,800 in attendance.

Prayer Rally Crowd Capital Building
 Crowd at Prayer Rally  Holding hands in prayer
 New Life gang  New Life gang
 Prayer Rally Crowd  Prayer Rally Crowd
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